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Family Law: In All Divorces Video

Family Law: In All Divorces

You or your spouse just filed for divorce– now what? Divorce can devastate families. If it happens, there are 3 steps that I recommend you take.
1. Gather all important paperwork from your life together. This means: bank statements, credit card statements, retirement accounts, etc.
2. Consult with an attorney. Find out what the costs may be for your divorce and the factors that could increase those costs. If you and your spouse are able to work out an agreement, you could save a lot of time and money. Get that information to your attorney to draft the paperwork and you\’re done. (A good tool is our Attorney Fee Calculator).
3. If you find yourself in a courtroom because you can\’t agree, you need to know the rules. This is VERY important. You need to know the conduct that is expected of you. Look at the Summons and Notice of Automatic Injunction. Please Read it. You can follow this link — to read the injunctions requirements. The wording of the document is complex, but here are a few examples:
-Do not disturb the peace of the other
-Do not divert or read any mail of the other
-Do not alter life or health insurance policies to remove the other spouse

All of this information will help you know what to expect during the divorce and to a more cost-efficient case. Please contact Ms. Cinocca if you have any questions or call (918) 488-9117.

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