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Author name: Tracy Cinocca

Announcement: Oklahoma’s First Divorce Fee Calculator

Tracy A. Cinocca P.C. is proud to bring you, the first Oklahoma Attorney Divorce Fee Calculator! We have developed this calculator as a public service to help individuals acquire a better understanding of the factors that can increase the cost of divorce. Like most attorneys, we make no guarantees; however we hope that this calculator can […]

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Wedding Bells & Pre-Nuptial Agreements

It\’s that time of year! June Weddings! So much goes into a person\’s decision about whom to make their spouse (or ought to, at least!). For those interested in a forever-marriage, a pre-nuptial agreement should be seriously considered. The coordinated process to complete a pre-nuptial agreement, encourages frank communication. Each person\’s values and expectations can

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Family Law: In All Divorces Video

Family Law: In All Divorces You or your spouse just filed for divorce– now what? Divorce can devastate families. If it happens, there are 3 steps that I recommend you take.1. Gather all important paperwork from your life together. This means: bank statements, credit card statements, retirement accounts, etc.2. Consult with an attorney. Find out what

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